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Man convicted of murdering his own children

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A man has been convicted of three counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Between December 2012 and September 2013, Jordan Monaghan 30, killed two of his children by obstructing their breathing until they passed out and died.

Monaghan's daughter, Ruby, was just 24 days old when she was killed on New Year's Day in 2013. She had been in Monaghan's care prior to her death.

Monaghan shouted his partner to come downstairs, saying that Ruby wasn't breathing. An ambulance was called, and Monaghan performed CPR, despite the efforts at the scene and at hospital to revive Ruby, she never regained consciousness.

We now know Monaghan obstructed her breathing. At the time death by natural causes could not be ruled out, so Monaghan was not brought to justice.
Monaghan's son, Logan, was 21 months old when he was murdered on the 17th August 2013. Logan had also been in Monaghan's care at the time. Monaghan had taken him to the swimming baths, having told Logan's Mother that he would take him out for a bit.

Monaghan and Logan did not swim and left the baths a short time later. When they arrived home, Monaghan told his partner that Logan was sleeping. Later, Monaghan's partner tried to wake up her son.

She noticed he did not appear to be breathing and an ambulance was called. Attempts were made to resuscitate Logan, but they were unsuccessful. The cause of Logan's sudden death could not be ascertained at the time so again Monaghan was not made to answer for his crime.

In September 2016, he attempted to murder a third child in the same manner, his partner was upstairs, and he was caring for the child downstairs.

When the child's mother came downstairs, after being alerted by Monaghan, the child appeared to be not breathing, an ambulance was called and Monaghan started CPR, over a period of time the child's breathing returned to normal. No medical causes could be found to explain the collapse.
On the 2nd of October 2016. The same child suffered a similar attack whilst in Monaghan's care, again an ambulance was called and the child was taken to hospital, no medical causes could be found for the collapse. Monaghan had attempted to murder a 3rd child for a second time, but again uncertainties with medical opinions meant that the death was not investigated further.

Some years later, on the 24th October 2019 Monaghan murdered his then girlfriend Evie Adams by giving her strong drugs that were not prescribed for her. Over a five-day period Monaghan administered drugs to Ms. Adams that made her very ill and an overdose eventually resulted in her death.

Monaghan said that Evie Adams had taken her own life, a suicide note was found, the CPS believe that Monaghan had created the fake suicide note in order to deflect suspicion away from himself. At trial, the jury agreed with the prosecution that Monaghan was responsible for the death of Evie Adams.

The medical opinion in relation to all the children was initially unclear, as it could not be satisfied that these were not due to natural causes. It was the death of Evie Adams that triggered the wider investigation into the unexplained deaths of the children.

The CPS and Lancashire Police were able to piece together the evidence, resulting in further expert medical opinion being obtained. Monaghan has finally been brought to justice for the murders of the two children and Evie Adams and the attempted murder of the third child.

Monaghan was convicted, following a 10 week trial at Preston Crown Court. He will be sentenced later this afternoon.  

Martin Hill, Deputy Head of CPS North West's Complex Casework Unit said: "Jordan Monaghan's cruelty is beyond belief and the ruthlessness of these murders is harrowing. It is difficult to comprehend the depravity that went into planning and committing these murders.

"Three innocent people needlessly lost their lives due to Monaghan's utter selfishness. Together the CPS and Lancashire Police were able to build a strong case against him by ensuring all possible medical explanations for the deaths of the children could be discounted.

"I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering that Monaghan's actions have caused to the families of the victims. They have conducted themselves with the upmost dignity and been incredibly brave and patient throughout.

"Nothing can make up for the loss of their loved ones, but we can only hope, following today's verdicts, they feel justice has been done. Our thoughts remain with the families."

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