Gang jailed for cash-in-transit robberies in Greater Manchester

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Four men have been jailed for a total of 34 years for their roles in seven armed robberies and an attempted robbery across Greater Manchester between February and August 2017.
Richard Smith, 37, Patrick McDonagh, 37, John Groom, 35 and David Dargon, 32, targeted cash deliveries to banks, a supermarket and a post office in Sale, Shaw, Romiley, Bury, Hyde, Salford and Atherton.

While they were being pursued by police after the robbery at McColls sub-Post office in Atherton, three of the men attempted to car-jack a car on the slip road at junction 4 of the M61. After they were arrested the police conducted a thorough investigation into the earlier robberies.

In each robbery they armed themselves with a variety of tools including a crow bar, a sledgehammer, a battering ram and an electric saw and disguised themselves with balaclavas. They used stolen vehicles with tinted windows and false registration plates, which they abandoned and set on fire at pre-arranged locations before transferring to second and third vehicles in order to reduce the evidential trail.
In total the defendants stole over £275,000 worth of cash and caused considerable damage to the premises and the delivery vans.

Susan Taylor, from the CPS, said: "These four men meticulously planned and executed a series of terrifying armed robberies over a six month period in broad daylight.
"They were not deterred by the presence of members of the public, who they were not afraid to use violence against, or the fact that their offences were being captured on camera.
"The CPS worked closely with the police to build a compelling case against each offender including CCTV and telephony evidence, which proved each man's involvement in the planning and commission of the robberies and left them with no other option than to plead guilty to all offences."

Notes to editors

  • Susan Taylor is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for the CPS North West Complex Casework Unit
  • The robberies were at:

Halifax, Sale on 15 February 2017 – around £195,000 was stolen
Barclays Bank, Shaw on 26 April 2017 – around £19,000 was stolen
Royal bank of Scotland, Romiley on 16 May 2017 – around £35,000 was stolen
Tesco, Peel Way Retail Park, Bury on 23 June 2017 – around £700 in coins was stolen
Barclays Bank, Hyde on 6 July 2017 – around £19,000 was stolen
Nationwide, Salford on 24 August 2017 – around £7,000 was stolen
McColls sub-Post Office, Atherton on 29 August 2017 – postage stamps stolen.

  • Individual sentences:

Richard Smith was sentenced to 10 and a half years imprisonment for conspiracy to rob, robbery x 2 and attempt robbery
Patrick McDonagh was sentenced to 10 and a half years imprisonment for conspiracy to rob, robbery x 2
John Groom was sentenced to six and a half years imprisonment for Robbery x 2 and attempt robbery
David Dargon was sentenced to six and a half years imprisonment for robbery x 2 and attempt robbery

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