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Woman with severe mental illness found responsible for killing her mother

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A woman suffering from severe mental illness was responsible for the killing and beheading of her mother, a jury at Newcastle Crown Court has found today.

Odessa Tammy Carey, 36, was found responsible for the killing of Odessa Carey Snr, 73, at her home in Links View, Ashington, in April of last year.

When discovered by police, the victim’s head had been removed from her body after death and her abdomen had been cut open.

Post-mortem examination revealed that she had died from severe head injuries, inflicted by blunt force.

Odessa Tammy Carey, who is now receiving ongoing mental health treatment, had been deemed unfit for trial by consultant psychiatrists.

As a result, the jury in the case were asked only to determine whether she was responsible for her mother’s death, in what is known as a trial of facts.

The jury were not asked to determine the motive for the killing or the circumstances in which it took place.

Chris Atkinson, of the CPS, said: “The killing of Odessa Carey last year was a double tragedy for her family.

"Not only did they have to endure the grief of losing her in such horrific circumstances, but have also had to come to terms with the fact that it was her daughter who killed her.

“For her part, the extent of Odessa Tammy Carey’s mental health issues are such that she would have been unable to follow any court proceedings against her, contest any of the evidence or to provide evidence herself.

“The Crown Prosecution Service has instead drawn upon the cumulative circumstantial evidence in this case to show how she alone could have been responsible for the death of her mother.

“We are pleased that this finding will enable the court to direct Odessa Tammy Carey into appropriate treatment, and sincerely hope that this provides a degree of comfort for her family at what must remain a difficult time.”

Notes to editors

  • Chris Atkinson is the Head of the Crown Court Unit for CPS North East.

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