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Hartlepool Man found guilty of murder of ex-partner in street attack

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Torbjorn Kettlewell (30) was found guilty of the murder of Kelly Franklin (29), who was stabbed to death in Oxford Road, Hartlepool, in August of last year.

During the attack, Kettlewell delivered over 30 stab wounds to Kelly Franklin, in full view of several witnesses. Kelly died at the scene after suffering such catastrophic injuries that witnesses were unable to save her.

His sometime lover Julie Wass (48) was also accused of murder for her involvement in helping Kettlewell plan and carry out the attack, but was found not guilty of that charge at the conclusion of the trial. However, she was found guilty of manslaughter. Additionally Wass pleaded guilty to a further charge of assisting an offender at the start of the trial.

David Maddison of the CPS said: “As a partner, Torbjorn Kettlewell had shown coercive, bullying behaviour towards both Kelly and his children, and provided little in the way of financial support.

“After they were separated Kelly tried to move on with her life and provide a stable home environment for her children, but Kettlewell could not accept this. He bombarded her with texts and Facebook messages, constantly questioning her and accusing her of meeting someone else.”

“The Crown’s case is that, when Kettlewell realised that Kelly was breaking free from his control, he plotted to kill her.”

“Using phone records and CCTV evidence, the Crown Prosecution Service has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that Torbjorn Kettlewell was responsible the murder of Kelly Franklin. While Julie Wass was cleared of murder, it is also clear that she played a significant role in assisting Kettlewell in his attack on Kelly.

“I sincerely hope that the convictions secured today provide a measure of comfort for Kelly’s family, at what must be an incredibly difficult time for them.”

Notes to editors

  • David Maddison is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS North East
  • Torbjorn Kettlewell was found guilty of murder and had previously pleaded guilty to one charge of having a bladed article
  • Julie Wass was found guilty of manslaughter and  previously pleaded guilty to assisting an offender
  • They will be sentenced on 6 February.

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