Drug dealer has confiscation order increased nine years after conviction

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A drug dealer has had his confiscation order increased by £1.8million almost a decade after his original conviction following an application by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Rukhsar Bashier was jailed for 11 years in 2008 for his role in setting up a number of cannabis factories in Middlesbrough.
In November 2009 Teesside Crown Court made a confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and ruled that Bashier had made £2,799,525 from his crimes, but only had an available amount of £300,000. He was ordered to pay that sum or face a further prison sentence of four years.
The CPS Proceeds of Crime unit, in conjunction with the North East Regional Asset Recovery Team, continued to look at Bashier’s assets following satisfaction of his confiscation order and found that he now owned a number of vehicles, had numerous bank accounts and the value of his properties in Reading had significantly increased.
The prosecution argued that Bashier’s confiscation order should be increased to include these new assets and also to reflect the increased valuations of his properties in Reading.
In Teesside Crown Court last week, a judge ruled Bashier should pay an additional £1,865,368 within three months or face a further prison sentence of 10 years.
Nick Price, from the CPS, said: “This case shows that we will not stop in our efforts to confiscate money from criminals, even if many years have passed since they were convicted.
“The CPS applied for Bashier’s case to go back before the courts after discovering the large increase in his finances, arguing these assets, including the significant rise in the valuation of his properties, should be put towards repaying the money he made from his illegal drug operation.
“The Proceeds of Crime team successfully argued that Bashier’s assets should be confiscated and his default sentence should be increased if he fails to do so.”

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Nick Price is Head of CPS Proceeds of Crime

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