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CPS North East - Domestic abuse prosecutions - November 2020

|News, Domestic abuse

Below are some examples of Domestic Abuse cases successfully prosecuted by CPS North East in November, notwithstanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The defendant was convicted of assault by beating and driving offences. He was subject to a Domestic Violence Protection Notice (DVPN) but met the victim and, following a physical confrontation with her, he left, taking her car. He was sentenced to eight weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 24 months with rehabilitation requirements. A restraining order was imposed for two years.

The Defendant was convicted of breaches of a non-molestation order, and of assaulting his ex-partner after he turned up at her address, caused messages to be sent to her and twice assaulted her over a period of three days. He was sentenced at the Crown Court to 12 months’ imprisonment.

The Defendant, a youth, was convicted of harassment causing fear of violence when he sent a series of threatening and abusive messages to his ex-girlfriend via Snapchat and left anonymous phone calls. He was sentenced to a nine-month Referral Order. A restraining order was imposed for a period of twelve months.

The Defendant was convicted at the Crown Court of causing serious bodily harm to his ex-partner after he fractured her finger to prevent her from taking her car and threatened to cause damage to her address and harm her family. He was sentenced to a 12-month Community Order with rehabilitation activities and a four-month curfew. He was ordered to pay compensation to the victim. A restraining order was imposed for five years.

The Defendant was convicted after trial of assault and criminal damage when the court found he had punched, slapped and grabbed the throat of the victim and damaged her furniture following a verbal altercation. He was sentenced to a community order for 18 months and ordered to do unpaid work and compensate the victim in the sum of £100. A restraining order was imposed.

The Defendant was convicted of sending malicious communications to his ex-partner when over a period of four days he sent several offensive e-mails and texts. He was sentenced to a 24-month community order with rehabilitation requirements and unpaid work. A restraining order for two years was imposed.

The Defendant was convicted of two offences of breaching a restraining order when he admitted twice visiting his ex-partner against the terms of the order. The case proceeded on his admissions when the victim refused to make a complaint. He was sentenced to 24 weeks’ imprisonment.

The Defendant was convicted of criminal damage and assault by beating after he admitted damaging kitchen furniture following an argument with his partner and then throwing a pebble at her and striking her with a bottle. He was sentenced to a four-week community order with a residence requirement. No restraining order was granted after the complainant withdrew her support.

The Defendant was convicted of criminal damage and assault by beating after she turned up drunk at her mother’s address asking for money and upon being refused threw items around the bedroom, causing damage, and pulled her mother’s hair. She was sentenced to an 18-month community order with rehabilitation activities and ordered to pay compensation. 

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