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Newstead Abbey metal thief sentenced to 18 months


Judith Walker, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East Midlands, said: "Gurshoron Bhattie has pleaded guilty to stealing lead from Nottinghamshire's historic Newstead Abbey. In pursuit of what he must have perceived as quick, easy money, he has shown complete disregard for this historic property, enjoyed by thousands every year.

"The impact of this selfish offending is much wider than just the value of the metal he stole. Repairing the damage will cost Newstead Abbey significantly more than what Bhattie received for it, and the original antique fittings are lost forever. 

"Theft of metal from historic properties is taken extremely seriously by the Crown Prosecution Service, and we have issued legal guidance for such cases to ensure the full criminality is prosecuted when cases meet the two tests of the Code for Crown Prosecutors."