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New and updated publications and legal sections on CPS website


On Tuesday 23 April, new and updated 'Publications' and 'Prosecution Policy and Guidance' sections will go live on the CPS website.

Over eight years, these sections have significantly increased in size - now more than 850 pages containing over 4,000 documents - particularly as the organisation has become more transparent and accountable, by publishing more public-facing guidance on how we prosecute, than ever before.

With that increase in content, these sections have become difficult to navigate, but continue to attract ever more visitors to the site (410,527 visits in March 2013). In order to provide the most professional service possible to the organisation, and to demonstrate our commitment to openness with the public who are interested in how we prosecute different types of cases, these sections of the CPS website have now been simplified and reorganised.

Arwel Jones, Head of the Law and Procedure Unit in the Strategy and Policy Directorate, said: "There is a vast amount of information on the CPS website, which is an invaluable resource for lawyers and source of important information for the public.

"This refresh will make it easier for the public, other Government prosecutors and self-employed barristers and solicitors to find what they need, as well as for the public to hold us to account."

Those sections affected are the Publications, Legal Resources and the Your CPS sections on the website. Please note that there has been no significant change to the structure of the Legal Resources section itself, except that it has become more comprehensive.

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In detail: What has been done?

The Publications section has been reduced from 13 subsections to five, shown in bold below, with a guide to what they contain:

  • Business Reports and Plans
    • Annual Reports
    • Business Plans
  • Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Reports
    • People survey, Hate Crime report, etc.
  • Business Information
    • Equality and Diversity information
    • Performance Management Information
    • Finance Policy and Guidance
    • HR Policy and Guidance
    • BIS Policy and Guidance
    • Minutes of CPS Board Meetings
  • Publication Scheme
    • FoI
    • Data Protection and other Publication Scheme details
  • Data
    • This part of the website houses all of the CPS underlying data that has to be published on both Government departmental websites and Data.Gov under the Cabinet Offices Transparency Agenda.

Legal Resources has been renamed Prosecution Policy and Guidance and in this section you will find:

  • Code for Crown Prosecutors
  • Director's Guidance
  • Legal Guidance
  • Other Guidance
    • Key documents such as Core Quality Standards.
    • Contains policy and guidance that was published in hard copy format, in both English and Welsh, aimed also at increasing public understanding.
    • Also some simplified versions of legal policy and guidance.
  • Agreements with other agencies
    • Protocols with ACPO/HMRC etc.
  • Legal reports by external organisations
    • Reports produced by organisations the CPS works closely with and influences how the department carries out its work including the Attorney General's Office and victims and witness organisations.

Your CPS

This area has been reduced as information contained here was more suited to the sections set out above.

The information previously in the 'Crime' section can now been found in Other Guidance in Prosecution Policy and Guidance; and the EDU information has been moved to Business Information within Publications. All FoI data can now be found in the new Publication Scheme section in Publications.