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Drug trafficking, people trafficking, use of firearms, money laundering, internet crime, fraud, serious robbery and organised vehicle crime at home and internationally, are all dealt with by the International Justice and Organised Crime Division. A specialist team of experienced prosecutors, the International Justice and Organised Crime Division work closely with the police and international law enforcement agencies to bring criminals to justice.

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Men jailed for buying and selling illegal guns and ammunition


Two men have been jailed today (18 September) after running an operation to sell illegal guns and ammunition to criminals.

Umair Khan, from Birmingham, bought firearms which were deemed obsolete because of their age and the fact that ammunition is no longer widely available for them.

However he was able to use the dark web to obtain such ammunition to make them fully functioning illegal weapons. Khan also expanded his criminal enterprise by purchasing stun guns, attempting to purchase a grenade and making enquiries about purchasing assault rifles.

Khan was jailed for 22 years when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court today.

Nazim Hussain, from West Bromwich, facilitated the importation of the ammunition and guns into the UK and arranged safe houses for the delivery of the items. He was jailed for nine years.

Khan’s activities were exposed when he tried to purchase a grenade from an undercover agent, posing as a dark web seller.

Jonathan Ramsay, of the CPS, said: “Khan and Hussain were responsible for arming a substantial number of serious criminals, obtaining lethal weapons originally designed for law enforcement or the military.

“The CPS worked to build a picture of the scale of Khan and Hussain’s offending and how they were planning to bring the obsolete firearms they were buying back into full use.

“When presented with the cases against them, both men pleaded guilty.”


Notes to Editors

  1. Umair Khan pleaded guilty to transferring a prohibited firearm, importation of ammunition, transferring ammunition, importation of prohibited weapons, possession of prohibited weapons for sale or transfer and the attempted importation of agrenade
  2. Nazim Hussain pleaded guilty to importation of ammunition and prohibited weapons and the attempted importation of a grenade
  3. Jonathan Ramsay is a Unit Head in the International Justice and Organised Crime Division within CPS
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