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Man jailed over £60,000 worth of Viagra style medicine


Brian Hipwood, of Ealing, was today sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment at Isleworth Crown Court for possession of illegal medicines and tobacco duty evasion. He was convicted on 14 March 2013 on one count of Cheating the Public Revenue, nine counts of possession of a medicinal product without a marketing authorisation and one count of possession of a class C drug with intent to supply.

Mhairi Urquhart, specialist fraud lawyer for the CPS, said: "When officers from HM Revenue and Customs first visited the home of Brian Hipwood, he was apprehended in a state of undress as he attempted to leave the property. He clearly had something to hide.

"Not only was Hipwood selling tobacco without declaring the duty, he was selling unauthorised and therefore potentially dangerous unlicensed Viagra-style medicine too.

"When officers searched containers in Willesden rented by Hipwood, they found a staggering amount of illegal produce. Not a single penny of the £46,000 that was due to the Public Revenue from the cigarettes and hand-rolled tobacco that Hipwood was selling had been paid.

"Literally thousands of Viagra-style medicines were also found, with a street value of over £64,000. Medicine is licensed and controlled for a good reason; to ensure the safety of those using it. The tablets found in Hipwood's possession had undergone no such quality control.

"Today should serve as a warning to those who seek to make money by ignoring important safety checks."

Images of the seizures are available from the CPS Press Office: 020 3357 0906