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CPS statement on Irish extraditions


The Crown Prosecution Service can confirm it has advised the Metropolitan Police Service that it will no longer be seeking the prosecution of four men from Ireland: Nessan Quinlivan, Pearse McAuley, Andrew Martin & Anthony Duncan.

Although the CPS has made its decision on the four cases at the same time, each case was considered on its own facts.
In each case, as well as the evidence, the CPS considered the likely arguments which would be put forward by the defence, who would argue that an abuse of process had occurred so a trial could not go ahead. These arguments would include the availability or otherwise of key exhibits, statements made by ministers in respect of terrorists on the run, and the length of time since the criminal acts alleged.

Having reviewed these cases, the CPS has decided there is no longer a realistic prospect of conviction. This means that an extradition can no longer go ahead and the outstanding extradition requests for Quinlivan, McAuley and Duncan will be withdrawn.