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Former Met police specialist detective faces 13 charges of misconduct over rape and sexual offences investigations


Rosemary Fernandes, specialist lawyer with the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "I have authorised the IPCC to summons Ryan Coleman Farrow, a former detective constable with the Metropolitan Police Service, specialising in rape and sexual assault cases, with 13 counts of misconduct in a public office.

"The charges relate to 13 separate allegations that between January 2007 and September 2010 Mr Coleman Farrow wilfully engaged in conduct amounting to an abuse of the publics trust in a public office without reasonable excuse or justification. The 13 charges include allegations that Mr Coleman Farrow failed to perform his duty in investigating rape and sexual assault cases, falsified entries on the polices Crime Report Information System and falsified records of CPS decisions, which had never actually been referred to the CPS.

"The decision to prosecute was taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors. After very careful consideration of all the evidence, I am satisfied there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and it is in the public interest to prosecute this case.

"Mr Coleman Farrow will appear before Westminster Magistrates Court on 20 June 2012.

"Mr Coleman Farrow now faces criminal charges and has the right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that nothing should be reported which could prejudice this trial.

"Proceedings are now active."