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CPS statement on Fairfield Post Office shooting


Following the conviction at Birmingham Crown Court of Anselm Ribera, Christopher and Declan Morrisey, Peter Tooke, Special Casework lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service in West Mercia said :

" These three are ruthless men with a complete disregard for human life. They planned the robbery carefully and were all clearly prepared to use extreme violence in order to achieve their goal something the Crown Prosecution Service was able to demonstrate to the jury.

" Their ruthlessness was all too clearly shown in the way they shot dead Craig Hodson-Walker in front of his parents. All he was trying to do was protect his mother and father, but the defendants did not spare a thought for him. They also shot and seriously wounded his father, Ken.

" On the morning of 9th January 2009, the defendants, masked and heavily armed, entered the Fairfield General Store with the intention to rob the post office within the store.

" Although these three individuals tried to evade being caught, the prosecution team used a number of techniques in bringing them to justice. This included CCTV footage, which captured this appallingly violent crime, body mapping, DNA, and fingerprint identification as well as medical evidence of injuries the offenders received. Today, having heard all this evidence, the court found three of the four defendants guilty. Adrian Snape, who the prosecution alleged was the fourth member of the team, was acquitted.  

" This was a very complex case from the onset and I would like to thank West Mercia Police for their thorough and detailed investigation and the witnesses who came forward to give evidence.

" We pass our sincere condolences to the Hodson-Walker family and Craig's girlfriend Lisa; also to thank them for their unwavering courage, dignity and support for this prosecution.  We hope the verdict provides some measure of comfort for them."