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CPS statement on Dragon's Den fraudster


Mark James-Dawson, Crown Advocate for the CPS said: "This was a particularly brazen and audacious fraud, carried out on national television. Jean-Claude Baumgartner claimed to own software vital to the business opportunity he pitched on BBC’s Dragon's Den, and went on to fabricate evidence of advance orders for his product from overseas retailers and the world famous department store, Harrods.

"It was clear that Baumgartner had come to rely on fraud as his only way of surviving in business, but when the Dragons asked for repayment of an agreed loan, his web of deceit began to unravel as it became clear that he had begun to live the life of a successful businessman before the business was a success.

"Faced with the strength of the prosecution case, Baumgartner has today decided to plead guilty ahead of the start of his trial and was sentenced to two years and eight months."