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CPS announces charging decision in the Milly Dowler case


Nigel Pilkington, Head of the South East Complex Casework Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Last September I received a file of evidence from Surrey Police relating to the abduction and murder of Milly Dowler in March 2002 and also in relation to other offences allegedly committed by the suspect, Levi Bellfield.

"During my review of the file I asked the police to conduct further investigations in relation to specific matters, which I considered would have an important bearing on my decision in this complex case. Those investigations were completed in February of this year.

"After carefully reviewing all the evidence in this case, I have now reached the decision that there is sufficient evidence and that it is in the public interest to charge Levi Bellfield with three offences.

"Accordingly, summonses have been obtained from Staines Magistrates' Court and will now be served on Mr Bellfield. Those summonses allege the following three offences against him:

  • first, that Levi Bellfield attempted to kidnap Rachel Cowles on 20 March 2002,
  • second, that he kidnapped Milly Dowler on 21 March 2002,
  • and third, that he murdered Milly Dowler on 21 March 2002.

"Milly Dowler's family have been informed of that decision this morning and I will be meeting with them shortly to explain my decision to them personally.

"Whilst the considerable media interest in this case is known and is understood, I would remind all concerned that Levi Bellfield now stands charged with criminal offences and that he has a right to a fair trial. It is very important that nothing should be reported that could prejudice his trial."