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Charging decision regarding suspected intimidation and harassment by former NoTW journalist


Alison Levitt, QC, Principal Legal Advisor to the Director of Public Prosecutions, said: "The CPS has received a request from the officers investigating Operation Weeting for charging advice in relation to Neville Thurlbeck, suspected of witness intimidation and harassment. This relates to a blog posted by Mr Thurlbeck on 7 March 2012 in which he gave the home address of a member of News International’s Management Standards Committee.

"Having applied the full test set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors, the CPS has concluded that no prosecution should take place. Given that the journalist in question remains on bail for further offences, we do not intend to give any further information at this point. Mr Thurlbeck remains on police bail on suspicion of offences under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000."