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Prosecuting Terrorism

Terrorism, race hate, crimes against humanity, war crimes, violent extremism, hijacking and espionage cases are tackled by a specialist team of Crown Prosecutors. The Counter Terrorism Division of the CPS includes highly experienced prosecutors, advocates and caseworkers who work closely with the police to bring offenders to justice.

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Decision to Charge

Once the Police have completed their investigations, they will refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for advice on how to proceed. We will then make a decision on whether a suspect should be charged, and what that charge should be.

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CPS authorises police to charge three men involved in conspiracy with 7/7 bombers


The Crown Prosecution Service has today authorised the Metropolitan Police Service to charge three men with conspiracy to cause explosions with the 7 July bombers. The charge does not relate to the specific explosions which occurred on 7 July 2005 on London's transport system but to earlier planning and reconnaisance before the plot was finalised.

Sue Hemming, head of the Counter Terrorism Division of the CPS said: "Since the events of the 7 July 2005, one of my lawyers has been working closely with the police analysing and advising upon the large quantity of material that has been gathered during the extensive and difficult investigation that followed.

"Over the past two weeks since the arrests she and I have been carefully reviewing the additional evidence that has emerged against these individuals to enable us to make a charging decision at the earliest opportunity.

"This morning I decided that there was sufficient evidence against each and I authorised, after full consultation with the Director of Public Prosecutions, the charging of three individuals.

"They are charged that between the 1st November 2004 and the 29th June 2005 they unlawfully and maliciously conspired with Mohammed Siddique Khan, Shezhad Tanweer, Jermaine Lindsay, Hasib Hussein and others to cause explosions on the Transport for London system and/or tourist attractions in London of a nature likely to endanger life or cause serious injury.

"The allegation is that they were involved in reconnaissance and planning for a plot with those ultimately responsible for the bombings on the 7 July before the plan was finalised.

"I would like to remind you of the need to take great care in reporting the events surrounding this alleged plot and that these individuals are only accused of this offence and they have a right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that there should be responsible media reporting which not should prejudice the due process of law."

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