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CPS prosecutes man for drink-driving from his car

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The Crown Prosecution Service has prosecuted a drunk driver who dialled into his sentencing hearing from his car.

John Morgan, 31, from Carver Close in Swindon, was arrested on 29 August 2020 in Holes Lane in Warrington for drink driving.

Morgan was unable to attend the first hearing of the case on Tuesday 29 September 2020  at Chester Magistrates’ Court and asked the court if he could dial in from his car which was being driven by a relative in Swindon.

Andrew Page, CPS Mersey-Cheshire lawyer
Andrew Page,
CPS Mersey-Cheshire lawyer

CPS Mersey-Cheshire lawyer Andrew Page, (pictured) said: “I was conducting the prosecution via the Cloud Video Platform system from my home on Merseyside.

“The defendant, John Morgan, rang the court to say he couldn’t get there in person but could do it from where he was via his phone.

“He was in his car which was being driven by a relative. He asked if the court could call him and he would be happy to ask her to pull over and he could appear in court from the car.

“We reached a convenient point so the court rang him and his relative pulled over in a lay-by near Swindon. He turned his phone on, joined the court link and appeared on all of our screens from his car. He pleaded guilty, was sentenced and went on his way.

“The ultimate surely in remotely prosecuted cases! It’s certainly unique in my experience.”

On 29 September 2020 Morgan was disqualified from driving for 36 months, given a £120 fine, ordered to pay £85 costs and must pay a £34 victim surcharge.

The Crown Prosecution Service has been increasingly working digitally in recent years and this work has been increased in the light of the current Coronavirus restrictions to make sure justice is served.

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