Mother jailed for forging DNA certificate

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A mother has been jailed for forging a DNA test to persuade a man that he was the father of her child.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Danielle Morris asked Jamie Somers to pay for a DNA test that she said would prove he was her daughter's father.

The two had a series of 'one night stands' around three years ago and then met a few months later accidentally by which time Morris was pregnant.

A DNA test with another man had shown him not to be the father. Somers paid for a DNA test and the results were sent to Morris.

She showed him a document that appeared to prove he was the father and Somers accepted the results.

The court heard that he accepted the child as his own,  paid maintenance and looked after the child a few days a week.

Somers also arranged for the two year old girl to be christened at his local Church of England Church. His parents were also said to have been delighted to have become 'grandparents'.

A while later, he noticed on the DNA result document that, for a fee, the company could disclose the child’s blood group. When he did this, the company told him that the document he had was forged.

Morris eventually pleaded guilty to possession of an article for use in fraud and using a false instrument with intent.  She has now been jailed for a year.

The court also imposed a restraining order that states she must not contact Mr Somers in any way for five years.

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