Man jailed for causing the death of a motorcyclist

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A driver who had been racing a motor cyclist at up to 73mph in a 40mph area has been jailed for four years for causing death by dangerous driving.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Paul Green, 29, of Falcons Way, Runcorn, had been racing motorcyclist Aiden Davies, 26, from Northwich, on the Central Expressway in Runcorn around 9pm on Sunday 2nd August 2015.

Witnesses describe seeing the men race around a left hand bend on the road and then seeing Mr Davies lying in the road a few minutes later, having come off his bike. Other drivers stopped and called 999 but paramedics were unable to revive Mr Davies. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

The court heard that the two men knew each other. Mr Green was driving a Ford Focus at the time and Mr Davies a Suzuki motorbike. A witness said he saw the bike travelling from the up-ramp onto the Expressway at Halton Lea followed by the white Ford Focus.

Tests later showed that they were travelling at up to 73 mph. At the time of the incident, the slip road linking the Expressway and Halton Link Road was subject to a temporary 40 miles per hour speed limit because of roadworks.

One lane of the link road was coned off, leaving just one lane for traffic. The witness said that the Ford Focus was less than a metre from the back of the motorbike and that it was clear that the two men were racing each other.

The witness then said both men appeared to be losing control of their vehicles as they approached the left hand bend on the turn off for Halton Lea and both the bike and the car were seen to be wobbling.

But Mr Green was still driving very close to the back of the motorbike and at great speed. There was no sign of him applying his brakes at all.

As the witness continued towards Halton Lea, he saw the motorcycle on its left hand side in the middle of the road and smashed parts from it on the carriageway. Around 10 metres from the bike, he saw Mr Davies lying on his back with his legs in the road. His helmet had come off.

Mr Green had stopped his car a bit further on and was talking to the emergency services on his phone.

Green was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving following a trial. As well as the four-year jail term, he was banned from driving for seven years. The Judge in the case, HHJ Watson QC, issued a commendation for witness Sean Jennings for tending to Mr Davies at the scene and for helping at the roadside.

Leigh Ann Wardman, Senior Crown Prosecutor with Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, (CPS) said: “In this case, the Crown Prosecution Service had to decide if Mr Green’s driving was dangerous and if it had caused the death of Mr Davies.

“A charge of dangerous driving is approriate if the driving shown falls far below that which would be expected of a competent and careful driver. CPS guidance says that racing and competitive driving is an example of driving considered to be dangerous.

“The more difficult question was whether that driving had contributed to Mr Davies’s death. It was clear that both men had been racing each other and driving at speed.

“The CPS said that if Mr Green had not been driving in the way he was - so close to the back of the motorbike and at such speed - this tragedy would not have happened.

“The jury agreed with that and found Mr Green guilty. The CPS would like to extend our condolences to the family of Mr Davies who are trying to come to terms with the tragic results of that day.”

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