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Ex who accessed former partner’s Alexa device and posted naked image pleads guilty


A jealous ex who accessed her former partner’s Alexa device while being more than 100 miles away has admitted posting a naked image of him on Facebook. 

Phillipa Copleston-Warren, 46, posted the image after accessing an app that linked to various smart devices including cameras in the victim’s home in Lincolnshire. 

Through this, Copleston-Warren was able to see the victim’s new girlfriend in the house she had previously stayed at. She used the app remotely to speak to the new girlfriend and tell her to get out. She then used the app to turn the bedside table light on and off before posting the nude image on social media with the caption: “Do I look fat??? My daily question”. 

The victim had been unaware that the image had been posted until he received concerned messages from those known to him in the early hours of 6 October 2019.

Copleston-Warren sent the victim a message saying: “You might also want to remove your naked picture off Facebook."

The victim’s new girlfriend, who had been with the victim at the time, received four messages on her account. These contained derogatory comments about the victim and were sent from the victim’s own account. However, the victim did not send these and later realised he had been locked out of his account.

Today (Tuesday, 17 August 2021) Copleston-Warren admitted one count of disclosing private sexual images with intent to cause distress following a hearing at Isleworth Crown Court.

Christian Meikle, from the CPS, said: “Phillipa Copleston-Warren carried out a grave invasion of privacy. She left her victim feeling completely violated in his own home and online.

“Copleston-Warren did not take the image down when asked to do so and changed the password of the account to delay the victim gaining access. She also gloated about her actions on a WhatsApp group and threatened to send the nude image further afield to friends and business partners of the victim. The photo was eventually taken down by Facebook after it was reported as inappropriate.

“Posting naked images online in an act of revenge is illegal and offenders will be brought to justice. I hope this prosecution encourages others who have been affected by this type of conduct to come forward in the knowledge that they will be treated with respect, and that their reports will be taken seriously. The CPS is committed to tackling crimes of this nature.”

Copleston-Warren will be sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on 6 October 2021.

Notes to editors

  • Phillipa Copleston-Warren (DOB: 5/12/1974) is from Chelsea.
  • Christian Meikle is a Senior District Crown Prosecutor within the Crown Court unit in CPS London South. 

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