Shopworker who stabbed woman after she rejected him guilty of attempted murder

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A shopworker who repeatedly stabbed a woman because she rejected his advances has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Joseph Martelli
Joseph Martelli

Joseph Martelli, 23, attacked the woman inside his Holloway flat on 6 April after she stepped away when he tried to kiss her. He said: “Is it because I am black?” He then pushed her to the ground and overpowered her, putting his hands around her throat, and strangling her, before stabbing the 23-year-old multiple times with a knife.

Father-of-two Martelli was convicted of attempted murder following a trial at Wood Green Crown Court, which concluded today [Tuesday, 8 October].

The victim had been friends with Iceland worker Martelli before the incident and had spent the evening chatting with him at his home before he attacked her. His children were sleeping at the address at the time.

The victim managed to escape, and called the police before she was rushed by ambulance to a major trauma centre. She had suffered four stab wounds to her abdomen and three stab wounds to her neck.

As a result of the information the victim provided the police, officers were able to locate Martelli’s home, where he was pretending to be asleep next to his toddler. Once inside police were able to see blood smeared on the kitchen floor as if a clean-up had been attempted, and blood on Martelli’s upper body, which he claimed came from his dogs. The washing machine was also turned on.

Peter Nugent, from the CPS, said: “This was a shocking attack on a young woman by a man she believed was her friend. It was completely unprovoked, senseless and the victim is lucky to be alive.

“When police arrived Martelli was in bed with his toddler and claimed the victim had visited him and left hours before.

“The prosecution case included strong witness testimony from the victim and DNA evidence from the clumsy attempt to wipe clean the kitchen floor and the bloodied clothes in the washing machine.

“We were also able to call on evidence from the defendant’s ex-partner where the jury was told how Martelli had previously strangled her in a similar manner on the same kitchen floor.

“Joseph Martelli will now spend a significant time in jail where he will no longer pose a threat to women.”

Martelli will be sentenced at the same court on 13 December.

Notes to editors

  • Joseph Martelli [DOB: 08.04.1996] is from Holloway in the London borough of Islington.
  • Peter Nugent is a lawyer at CPS London North.

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