Five gang members jailed for murdering teenager inside Wood Green hair salon while he was trying to save his friend

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Five gang members have been jailed for murdering a teenager inside a Wood Green hair salon while he was trying to save his friend.

Sheareem Cookhorn, 21, Tyrell Graham, 18, and three youths, Jayden O’Neill-Critchlow, 17, Shane Lyons, 17, and Ojay Hamilton, 17, were all found guilty after a trial at the Old Bailey. Today (Monday 27 January 2020) Cookhorn was sentenced to 28 years, Graham 25 years, O’Neil-Critchlow 21 years, Lyons 21 years and Hamilton 21 years' imprisonment. The judge lifted reporting restrictions.

Nineteen-year-old Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck was stabbed to death by the defendants after trying to save his friend, who had been stabbed eight times and shot by the group. Mr Gabbidon-Lynck drove a car towards the defendants’ bikes in order to distract them from attacking his friend, but the attackers then turned on him. He became trapped after reversing into parked cars and when he tried to escape on foot he was stabbed to death inside a hair salon on Vincent Road.

The defendants, members of a Tottenham-based gang, travelled on their bicycles to Wood Green, on the night of 22 February 2019. Between them they were armed with five knives, a handgun and shotgun as they set off in search of potential rivals.

The group had earlier approached a man in a McDonald’s and grabbed him by the neck. When the man told them he was ‘local’ and not associated with any group, they released him and returned to their bikes.

They cycled towards Lordship Lane and targeted four men who scattered. The five defendants continued the chase on their bikes.

Catherine Gould, from the CPS, said: “This is a tragic case of gang rivalry. A teenager lost his life that night, stabbed to death in a busy hair salon, and another was seriously injured by defendants who showed a brazen disregard for members of the local community, running through the streets of Wood Green brandishing their weapons.

“Throughout all of this, it must not be forgotten that were it not for the actions of Mr Gabbidon-Lynck, his friend may well have lost his life too.

“The defendants clearly thought their covered faces and dark clothes would protect them from being identified. When one of the defendants was stopped by police nearby, he even had the audacity to tell officers that he hoped they would cut down on knife crime, just after he had stabbed someone to death.

“These sentences take some very dangerous young criminals off the streets of the capital. Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Mr Gabbidon-Lynck.”

Notes to editors

  • Sheareem Cookhorn (DOB: 27.08.1998) is from Tottenham in the London borough of Haringey
  • Tyrell Graham (DOB: 18.04.2001) is from Leyton in the London borough of Waltham Forest
  • Jayden O’Neill-Critchlow (DOB: 24.02.2002) is from Tottenham in the London borough of Haringey
  • Shane Lyons (DOB: 10.11.2002) is from Wood Green in the London borough of Haringey
  • Ojay Hamilton (DOB: 15.07.2002) is from Edmonton in the London borough of Enfield
  • Catherine Gould is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for the homicide team in CPS London North.

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