Extradition - Annex B: Category 1 Territories - The European Arrest Warrant

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B(i): List of Category 1 Territories

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Territories are designated as Category 1 territories both for the purposes of Part 1 of the Extradition Act, i.e. export extradition from the United Kingdom, and Part 3, i.e. import extradition to the United Kingdom.

The designated category 1 territories include the other 27 Member States of the European Union and also Gibraltar.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,  Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

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B(ii) Framework Decision

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Full title - Council Framework Decision of 13 June 2002 on the European arrest warrant and the surrender procedures between Member States, 2002/584/JHA (Official Journal L 190, 18.07.2002)
The framework decision was amended from 28th March 2011 by the implementation of the Trials in Absence Framework Decision 2009/299/JHA of 26th February 2009. The latter decision inserted article 4a, 'Decisions rendered following a trial at which the person did not appear in person', and deleted article 5(1), one of the 'Guarantees to be given by the issuing Member State in particular cases'.

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B(iii): Languages in which an EAW may be submitted

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Austria: German or other language in reciprocity (accepts receiving the EAW in the official language of a Member State which also accepts receiving the EAW issued by Austrian judicial authorities in German)

Belgium: French, Dutch, German

Bulgaria: Bulgarian

Cyprus: Greek, Turkish, English

Czech Republic: Czech; with regard to the Slovak Republic the Czech Republic will accept an EAW produced in the Slovak language or accompanied by a translation into the Slovak language, while with regard to Austria the Czech Republic will accept an EAW in German

Denmark: Danish, English, Swedish

Estonia: Estonian or English

Finland: Finnish, Swedish, English

France: French

Germany: Germany applies reciprocity (accepts receiving the EAW in the official language of a Member State which also accepts receiving an EAW issued by German judicial authorities in German)

Greece: Greek

Hungary: Hungarian or a translation of the EAW into Hungarian. In relation to Member States which do not exclusively accept the EAW in their own language or in one of their official languages, Hungary accepts the EAW in English, French or German, or accompanied by a translation into one of those languages

Ireland: Irish or English or a language that the Ministry of Justice may by order prescribe, or the EAW with a translation into Irish or English

Italy: Italian

Latvia: Latvian, English

Lithuania: Lithuanian, English

Luxembourg: French, German, English

Malta: Maltese, English

Netherlands: Dutch, English or any another official language of the European Union provided that an English translation is submitted at the same time

Poland: Polish

Portugal: Portuguese (Also accepts EAWs from Spain in Spanish)

Romania: Romanian, French and English

Slovakia: Slovakian or, on the basis of prior bilateral treaties, German with Austria, Czech with the Czech Republic, Polish with Poland

Slovenia: Slovenian and English

Spain: Spanish. Where an EAW is issued through a SIS alert, the executing judicial authority will ensure translation if it is not in Spanish. (Also accepts EAWs from Portugal in Portuguese.)

Sweden: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English or a translation into one of those languages

United Kingdom: English or a translation of the EAW into English

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