International Justice and Organised Crime Division (IJOCD)

Organised crime represents a serious threat, both to our national security and to the economic well-being of the UK. The International Justice and Organised Crime Division is responsible for three broad areas of work:

Organised Crime

Specialist lawyers prosecute members of the most serious organised crime groups operating in England and Wales. The majority of these cases are investigated by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and often involve drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking and modern slavery, sexual exploitation and cyber-crime.  The vast majority of this work has an international dimension.  This team also handles complex immigration cases investigated by Immigration Enforcement.


As well as a London based international team, the CPS has a number of specialist prosecutors, who may be termed Criminal Justice Advisers or Liaison Magistrates, based overseas in countries of strategic importance to CPS casework and/or wider Government strategies to counter the threat from serious and organised crime and terrorism. As well as acting as a centre of expertise for the CPS in international engagement, co-operation and evidence-gathering, the team is responsible for assisting with justice reform and other assistance to improve the detection and effective prosecution of particular types of criminality of concern to the UK, such as terrorism and serious and organised crime in certain countries where we have placed a Criminal Justice Advisor.


The team conducts extradition proceedings on behalf of foreign authorities following a request for the extradition of a person located in England and Wales.  While CPS Areas are responsible for their own European Arrest Warrants, the Extradition team makes extradition requests to non-European countries on behalf of CPS Areas and acts as a centre of expertise on extradition within the CPS.


Organised Crime is based across four sites, co-located with the NCA in the West Midlands, North East and North West, with a further prosecution team based in central London.

Sue Patten

Sue Patten profile photoSue Patten is Head of the International Justice and Organised Crime Division.

Sue started prosecuting in 1985 and has held posts in the UK Attorney General’s Office, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and was previously Head of Specialist Fraud Division. 

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Rose-Marie Franton

Rose-Marie Franton profile photoRose-Marie Franton is Deputy Head of Division with responsibility for Organised Crime.

Rose-Marie started prosecuting in St Albans, where she specialised in sexual offences for 10 years. She joined what was later to become the Counter Terrorism Division in London in 2004, where she prosecuted terrorist, race hatred, and Official Secrets Act cases.

In 2009 she became a Unit Head in the Counter Terrorism Division and in 2012 she joined the Organised Crime Division and is currently the temporary Head of Organised Crime.

Debbie Price

Debbie Price profile photoDebbie Price is Deputy Head of Division with responsibility for International Justice, comprising the Extradition and International teams.

After a 10 year career as a lawyer in private practice, Debbie joined the CPS as a specialist prosecutor in the Organised Crime Division.

In 2012 she was seconded to the Home Office as the Head of the UK Central Authority, and also Head of the Extradition Casework Section. On returning to the CPS in 2015 she was appointed Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor in the Serious Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit and Head of Extradition.

In November 2017 she was appointed Head of International Justice and Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor of the International Justice and Organised Crime Division.