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Open and Accountable

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 set out legislation designed to make public organisations and Governmental departments more open and accountable. It states that the following information should be made available to the general public:

  • how public organisations make decisions
  • the way they carry out their duties
  • how they spend public money.

The Freedom of Information Act came into force in January 2005.

Freedom of Information Releases 2008


  1. Indictment and verdict in Jean Charles de Menezes case
  2. Sentence details in a named individual's case
  3. Number of payments made to an expert witness by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
  4. Ethnicity of CPS staff in the North East of England
  5. A breakdown of figures for the reasons why cases were dropped by the CPS where it was not in the public interest to continue proceedings
  6. Details of rape and other sexual offence convictions secured in the London borough of Redbridge between 1 October 2006 and 30 September 2007
  7. Information regarding the national Legal Trainee Scheme

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  1. Information about CPS decision makers and business, corporate and finance plans/strategies
  2. Information about domestic violence statistics within Asian communities
  3. Information about violent crime statistics for Newham Borough
  4. Information about CPS expenditure on translators/interpreters during financial years 2005/06 and 2006/07
  5. Information about the number of trials conducted by Higher Court Advocates in the London area
  6. Information about the number of defendants identified from Novwember 2007 to date as serving police officers
  7. CPS salaries for the grades A1 to B2 and information concerning the London Recruitment and Retention Allowance

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  1. Number of staff in post at B3 and above compared to the overall staffing figure for the past five years for CPS West Midlands
  2. Number of prosecutions taken place for the offence of bigamy in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Wandsworth since 1 January 2005
  3. Information about the CPS's expenditure in the last five years on translation services concerning non-English speakers
  4. Information about Counsel's costs regarding Operation Sledge
  5. Number of cases prosecuted in the last two years, the number of cases discontinued and those cases discontinued for evidential reasons
  6. Rape statistics for CPS Suffolk over the last four years
  7. Money spent by CPS on interpreters in West Midlands and Staffordshire since 2000
  8. Compass Server & Infrastructure Roadmap/Technology Refreshment Plan

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April 2008

  1. Reference allocated in error
  2. Information about CPS staff working on asset recovery work, total cost of Organised Crime Division for financial year 2006/07

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  1. Information about the number of cases that have been dismissed in certain courts due to CPS delays for the years 2000 to 2007
  2. ICT strategies
  3. General information about the CPS
  4. Information regarding Malicious Communications Act, Harassment Act 1997 and private prosecutions
  5. Prosecutions data for the past five financial years for both Crown and magistrates's courts
  6. Information about the number of prosecutions dropped due to missing or inadequate police paperwork

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  1. Information about the CPS Legal Trainee Scheme application process 2008
  2. CPS performance on Confiscation Orders
  3. Details of payments made to Searchlight by the CPS
  4. Statistics re Proceeds of Crime Act cases and asset recovery
  5. Statistics re Proceeds of Crime Act cases and asset recovery
  6. Details of CPS staff pay rates, unions and staff entitlements
  7. Information relating to disability hate crimes
  8. Cases in Hampshire dropped due to files not being received from the police
  9. Crimes against the elderly in Stockport and Greater Manchester
  10. Cases in Cornwall dropped due to files not being received from the police
  11. Criteria used by the CPS when compiling statistics on court outcomes, pleas, etc
  12. Numbers of lost/stolen laptops, Blackberrys, mobiles and other security matters
  13. Application for pupillage with CPS

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  1. Information about the number of prosecutions being brought by the Organised Crime Division of the CPS
  2. Case file of prosecution brought by Mary Whitehouse in 1981 concerning the play 'Romans in Britain' at the National Theatre (Please note that the case file has been transferred to the National Archives and will be available to view from January 2009)
  3. Court Judgement of Whitehouse (Respondent) v Gay News Ltd.(Appellants) (Please note that this document is available in hard copy format only)

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  1. Costs incurred in Operation Tornado
  2. Information about the CPS's decision regarding the content of the Channel 4 Programme Dispatches - 'Undercover Mosque'
  3. Information about the job titles of all CPS employees with salaries on or over £100,000 per annum in post on 1 April 2008

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  1. Information about free or subsidised car parking for employees of CPS Sheffield
  2. Information about the performance of CPS Cheshire and CPS National regarding the number of files advised on and of those how many led to prosecution

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October 2008

  1. Cost of TV link for providing evidence in a Crown Court case
  2. Information regarding CPS Charging Policy and Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme
  3. Information about CPS policy in relation to handling of CCTV evidence
  4. Information about CPS Staff ethnicity in the North East region

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November 2008

  1. Information about the structure of the CPS including HR
  2. Statistics regarding the number of 'fail to stop' road traffic incidents referred to the CPS for the Cheshire Constabulary region between November 2006 and October 2008
  3. Statistics about CPS restraint orders granted by the court between 2005-08
  4. Statistics about CPS Confiscation Orders granted by the court between 2002-08

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December 2008

  1. Statistics about pre-charge decisions and case outcomes for CPS West Yorkshire, Leeds and National data

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