The CPS prosecutes cases at:

  • Leicester Crown Court
  • Leicester Magistrates Court
  • Hinckley Magistrates Court
  • Loughborough Magistrates Court

Leicestershire and Rutland

Photo of the Space Centre in LeicestershireIn Leicestershire and Rutland, CPS East Midlands serves a population of around 1 million and is committed to providing a valuable public service to their diverse community. Approximately 20,500 cases every year. Of these, more than 2,000 cases each year are committed for sentence or trial at Leicester Crown Court.

Leicestershire cases are managed from CPS East Midlands southern office, which is in Leicester. Dealing with the caseloads (or preparation) for criminal hearings are two teams, the Magistrates Court team and the Crown Court team. Some members of the East Midlands Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Team also work out of the southern office.

The teams are proud their workforce represents the wider population. Overall 19 per cent of employees are from black, minority or ethnic backgrounds.