Special measures

Special court measures help a vulnerable or intimidated witness give their evidence in the best way possible.

The main examples are:

  • a screen that prevents the accused person from seeing the witness give evidence
  • a live TV link so that the witness does not have to give evidence in the courtroom

Victims and Witnesses

Without the help of victims and witnesses, it can be difficult for us to achieve a successful prosecution and bring an offender to justice.

That's why the work of our Witness Care Units (WCU) is crucial.

Once someone is charged with an offence, every victim and witness is allocated a WCU officer to support and guide them through the court process. We appreciate that the process can be daunting, especially if you've never encountered the criminal justice system before.

Your WCU officer will:

  • update you on court dates
  • answer your questions about the criminal justice system
  • reassure you about all aspects of your court appearance if you need to give evidence
  • arrange a pre-court visit (if you would like one) so you can have a look around court before you give evidence
  • apply for special measures if you need them
  • help you arrange childcare so that you can attend court

Victims' Right to Review

If a Crown Prosecutor decides not to bring charges, discontinues proceedings or offers no evidence in a case, you have a right to request that we review that decision under the Victims' Right to Review scheme.  Details of how to request such a review can be found on the main CPS website

Please note that the scheme applies only in relation to qualifying decisions made on or after 5 June 2013.