Ilkeston rapist jailed

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An Ilkeston man has been sentenced to life in prison for rape and attempted murder following his attack in November 2017.

Anthony Dealey (43) attacked and raped his victim in the early hours of 25 November. He raped, strangled and sexually assaulted her, stole the money she had in her purse and left her for dead on the pavement. The victim managed to raise the alarm when she regained consciousness.

The CPS joined the police investigation at an early stage, before any suspect had been identified. A prosecutor advised the investigation team about the evidence they could gather, including how interviews with any suspect could reveal the intent to kill. Dealey was identified as the suspect in April 2018. He was tried at Derby Crown Court, convicted by a jury of rape, attempted murder, assault by penetration and robbery and today, 7 December, sentenced to life with a minimum term of 13.5 years.

Rebecca Edwards from the CPS said: “This sentence shows the appalling impact of Anthony Dealey’s crime. It had a profound impact on the victim and left the whole community in fear. He was convicted on compelling evidence that this was a premeditated attack and he intended to prevent the victim from identifying him. In the sentencing hearing, the CPS made a case that the planning and ruthless treatment of the victim mark him as a dangerous offender. The judge has reflected that in the sentence.

“Dealey’s imprisonment will reassure the community that a dangerous man is no longer among them. Above all though, I hope that knowing he is in jail will help the victim continue to recover from her ordeal. The conviction and sentence were mainly down to her courage and determination to tell the court exactly what happened to her that night. I would like to thank her again.”

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During the trial, Anthony Dealey denied responsibility for the attack. The CPS presented DNA and fingerprint evidence to identify him as the attacker and the victim’s account to show the premeditated nature. The prosecution’s case was that by strangling her and leaving her as she lay, he intended to silence her.

  • Rebecca Edwards is a Senior Crown Prosecutor at CPS East Midlands

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