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Violent man sentenced for brutal murder at family home

|News, Violent crime , Domestic abuse

A man who killed his wife, attempted to murder a child and assaulted a police officer has been sentenced today at Cambridge Crown Court.

Andriejus Kostiajevas, 47, killed his wife Ligita Kostiajeviene through repeated and violent use of seven knives, a screwdriver and two hammers at their family home in July 2019.

The sustained attack left Ms Kostiajeviene with serious stab injuries and fatal head injuries.  Two other people sustained serious injuries and a police officer was struck later on, demonstrating a relentless determination to harm.

Cheryl Williams, of the CPS, said: “This was a brutal and extremely violent attack from a man with a history of domestic violence. The force with which he first stabbed Ms Kostiajeviene was so severe that it bent the knife to almost 90 degrees. Kostiajevas then collected further knives, two hammers and a screwdriver from both the kitchen and a toolbox downstairs to continue his attack and subsequent murder of his wife.

“During the incident Mr Kostiajevas also used a knife to stab a nine year old child 10 times in an attempt to kill him. Although seriously injured, the child was able to flee from the property.

“Later a Police officer was also assaulted by Kostiajevas when police were taking him to hospital for treatment.

“The CPS presented evidence which showed the extent to which Kostiajevas was determined to kill and inflict serious injuries on his wife and others. The defendant maintained a not guilty plea throughout his trial.

“We are very grateful to Ligita’s family for their patience and dignity throughout this distressing case, and hope that the sentence and the conclusion of the criminal case will assist them as they move forward into the future. We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Ligita’s family and friends.”

Notes to editors

  • Cheryl Williams is a Crown Advocate for CPS East of England
  • Andriejus Kostiajevas has been sentenced to life for the murder of Ligita to serve a minimum of 28 years.

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