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Four people jailed for the death of Courtney Valentine-Brown

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Today four people have been jailed for the death of Courtney Valentine-Brown following a dispute over a debt.

Courtney was living at the flat he rented from Kelly King when he was murdered on 21 February 2019. Ian Slater, acting on behalf of Kelly King recruited Alex Stephens and Stuart Pearson to visit the flat and confront Courtney regarding the debt.

Taking knives and a baseball bat they entered the flat through the front door and brutally attacked Courtney, severing a major artery in his leg and causing such an extreme loss of blood that, tragically, he lost his life.

Today (29 January 2020) they were sentenced at Basildon Crown Court. Ian Slater received a total sentence of 26 years. Alex Stephens received a total sentence of 26 years and Stuart Pearson received a total sentence of 9 years. While Kelly King received a total sentence of 9 years.

Douglas Mackay from the CPS East of England Area, said: “The CPS worked closely with Essex Police using ANPR data checks, CCTV footage and forensic profiling to build the case for prosecution.

We also used the extensive phone data produced by the police. It was this analysis of messaging between the defendants, as well as information showing general location data, which meant we were able to put towards a jury that the defendants were collectively involved in both the planning of the attack and the subsequent murder of Courtney Valentine-Brown.

“Knife crime is taken seriously by the CPS and we will continue to work alongside the police to ensure perpetrators of such crimes are brought to justice.

“I hope that the sentencing of these individuals provides the family and friends of Courtney with a small sense of comfort.”

Notes to editors

  • Douglas Mackay is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for the CPS East of England.

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