Drug gang sentenced to 66 years for attempted murder

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Donald Adu, Calvin Armstrong and Ermias Yohannes have today been sentenced to a total of 66 years between them at Ipswich Crown Court for the attempted murder of a man from Colchester.

On Wednesday 31 October 2018, the defendants planned a revenge attack on a man who they believed had stolen drugs from one of their runners.

The defendants contacted the victim by mobile phone and then lured him to an alleyway on a residential estate in Marks Tey. They told him that they wanted him to be a part of their county line drugs supply chain and that he would be involved in the supply.

The victim was led into a trap by the defendants and very quickly their encounter turned from a meeting to discuss supplying illegal drugs into a vicious and violent attack on him in which his assailants used a knife.

Peter Baker from the CPS said: “This was a planned and sustained attack resulting in significant and potentially life threatening injuries.

“Working alongside Essex Police we built a strong case against the defendants. Using digital communications evidence, we were able to establish what had happened that night and who was involved.

“Digital evidence was brought to life in the courtroom to support the case and to establish that Adu, Armstrong and Yohannes had one intention, to get their victim to a place where they could kill him.

“In a desperate attempt to escape his assailants, the victim ran away and despite his injuries was able to knock on the front door of a nearby house to try and seek help and refuge.

“Fortunately for him, that house was occupied by an ex-paramedic who was able to provide immediate assistance until the ambulance arrived. Without this medical intervention it is likely that the victim would have died from the multiple stab wounds that were inflicted on him.

“The CPS takes knife crime seriously and we will seek to prosecute wherever there is sufficient evidence.”

Notes to editors

  • Peter Baker is a Senior Crown Prosecutor, Crown Court Team, CPS East of England
  • Donald Adu, D.o.B: 17/09/1994, was sentenced to 26 years' imprisonment
  • Calvin Armstrong, D.o.B: 08/03/1997, was sentenced to 26 years' imprisonment
  • Ermias Yohannes, D.o.B: 12/02/2003, was sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment and an extended licence of five years. As a 16-year-old, his identification was allowed by the judge as he is considered a danger to the public.

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