UPDATED: Four men convicted of killing Cardiff man

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Four men have been convicted of killing another in the Grangetown area of Cardiff.

Awez Jamshaid, 19 and Christopher Griffiths, 30 were convicted of murder by the jury at Cardiff Crown Court, while Saif Shahzad, 19 was convicted of manslaughter after the jury heard four weeks of evidence.

Daniel Roberts, 20, changed his plea to guilty during the trial.

The men went to Holmesdale Street in Grangetown looking for Malaciah Thomas. They found him and saw him get into a car. Daniel Roberts approached the car and kicked the driver’s side window causing it to smash before repeatedly stabbing Malaciah Thomas.

Griffiths stood at the passenger side of the vehicle preventing the door being opened, but when Malaciah Thomas did get out Griffiths also stabbed him.

Siaf Shazad ran after the wounded man and continued the attack. Awez Jamshaid was responsible for driving the men to and from the area.

Despite members of the public and emergency services providing first aid to Malaciah Thomas he died from his injuries.

Mani Ranauta from the CPS said: “This was a planned attack where four men set upon another and used the knives they brought with them.

“It was a cowardly attack which gave the victim little chance of protecting himself.

“Malaciah had his life taken away in tragic circumstances and our thoughts are with his family and friends over their loss.”

Update - sentences

  • Friday 15 February: the defendants were sentenced as follows:
    • Roberts, Murder - mandatory life sentence, minimum 25 years
    • Griffiths, Murder - mandatory life sentence, minimum 25 years
    • Jamshaid, Murder - mandatory life sentence, minimum 11 years
    • Shazad, manslaughter - seven years, six months in a Young Offenders Institution

Notes to editors

  • Mani Ranauta is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the CPS Cymru-Wales Crown Court team
  • Malaciah Thomas died on 23 July 2018 aged 20 years old as a result of 13 stab wounds
  • Awaz JAMSHAID (DOB: 28/2/99), Christopher GRIFFITHS (DOB: 9/11/88) and Daniel ROBERTS (DOB: 11/5/98) were convicted of murder. Saif SHAHZAD (DOB: 30/5/99) was convicted of manslaughter.

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