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UPDATE: Nurse convicted of killing motorist by dangerous driving sentenced

|News, Driving offences

A nurse who caused a head-on collision, killing another motorist, has been sentenced for causing death by dangerous driving at Cardiff Crown Court. She was sentenced to five years and four months' imprisonment. She was also disqualified from driving for 64 months and ordered to take an extended re-test.

Cerys Price, 26, was driving on the A467 near Rogerstone on 15 July 2016 when she crossed the central reservation into the opposite carriageway before colliding with a Vauxhall Astra, resulting in fatal injuries to the driver.

Price was also convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving in relation to her passenger.

The court heard Price was treated at hospital where a blood sample was taken showing an extremely high level of a painkiller in her system. It was later discovered the medication had not been prescribed and was purchased by Price whilst in Mexico.

The CPS produced evidence from an expert who described the concentration of the drug as “…considered toxic or lethal in other cases…” and “…associated with seizures…” among other side effects.

Kelly Huggins of the CPS said: “Being a qualified nurse, Cerys Price should have known the dangers of driving after taking these tablets, but she drove nevertheless.

“Her actions resulted in tragic consequences for an innocent motorist, her passenger and herself.

“Our thoughts are with Mr Dean’s family and friends at this difficult time.”

Notes to editors

  • Kelly Huggins is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS Cymru-Wales
  • Cerys Price (DOB: 20/5/1991) was convicted on 18 December 2019 of causing death by dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving following trial
  • The painkiller involved was Tramadol.

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