Three men convicted of involvement in Bridgend drug-running

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Three men who planned to flood Bridgend with class A drugs have been convicted at Cardiff Crown Court of conspiracy to supply drugs and being concerned in supplying drugs.

Kane Griffiths-Jeffries, 22, ran the county lines operation from London, using two 17-year-old girls to courier heroin and crack cocaine to Bridgend.

Ian Wilkins, 42, and Adam Harries, 37, were instructed to help the girls after they arrived in Bridgend.

Millie Davies of the CPS said: “Drug dealers and gangs from large cities often use smaller towns as a way to expand their criminal activities.

“In this case, two vulnerable girls were used for that purpose, assisted by local drug users.

“South Wales Police provided detailed evidence to the CPS allowing us to present a case leading to these verdicts.”

Building the case

What initially appeared to be a case of possession with intent to supply transpired to be a large conspiracy to supply class A drugs. The mobile phone used in the drug deals was traced to London where Kane Griffiths-Jeffries, who ran the operation, was arrested.

Millie Davies added: “Extensive phone work allowed us to piece together the puzzle in order to show that the defendants were involved in the drugs trade.”

Sentencing took place on 14 August. Kane Griffiths-Jeffries was sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment, Ian Wilkins was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment and Adam Harris was sentenced to seven years and six months' imprisonment.

Notes to editors

  • Millie Davies is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS Cymru-Wales
  • Kane Griffiths-Jeffries (DOB: 7/4/97) was convicted of conspiracy to supply class A drugs x 2
  • Ian Wilkins (DOB: 15/12/76) was convicted of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs x 2
  • Adam Harries (DOB: 4/8/82) pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs x 2.

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