North Wales drugs gangs sentenced

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A multi-million-pound drug operation, which saw Class A drugs being brought into North Wales, has led to 26 people being sentenced over a number of days at Mold Crown Court.

Some of the drugs seizedNorth Wales police targeted organised crime groups from Holyhead and Llandudno as part of Operation Zeus.

The two distinct groups operated separately in different counties but co-operated with each other to ensure that they were each able to supply their respective areas. They sourced their drugs from organised crime groups in Merseyside and Manchester.

During the investigation the police recovered Class A drugs and a large amount of Benzocaine, commonly used to bulk out drugs in order to maximise the profit, indicating the scale of setup. The seizures have an estimated value of £2.7 million.

Gemma Vincent of the CPS said: “The amount of drugs distributed by the two organised crime groups in North Wales was staggering.

More drugs“The investigation revealed that two entirely separate crime groups came together to form a profitable consortium. In doing so they were able to supply Class A drugs along the North Wales corridor across three counties. This was a well-established and sophisticated criminal enterprise.

“The CPS provided advice to the Police from the early stages of the investigation, and together we presented a strong evidential case which resulted in the convictions.

“We will continue to work with North Wales Police and other investigative authorities to disrupt the illegal drugs trade and bring those responsible before the Courts.”

Detective Inspector Lee Boycott said: “These crime groups were sophisticated and adept at what they did. Their plan to flood drugs onto the streets of North Wales took time to understand and gather the evidence.

cutting agents“The large group thought they could defeat police but I want people to understand illicit drug supply causes misery and corruption of our communities, it will always be a priority to the police.

“The group tried to hide their criminal actions but surveillance and listening devices enabled the full picture to be laid before the court. Please understand if you choose to become embroiled in crimes of this types you can expect lengthy prison sentences. I welcome the jail terms handed down and commend the small but dedicated team who secured the compelling evidence. It led to the unanimous sweep of guilty pleas across the entire crime group and ultimately their convictions.

“Further information from the case will be released in January next year, when sentencing concludes.”

A total of 172 years and 11 months’ imprisonment has been imposed so far. There is one defendant who is yet to be sentenced. The sentence hearing is due to take place in January 2019.

Notes to editors

  • Gemma Vincent is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the CPS Cymru-Wales Complex Casework Unit
  • Cain JONES (DOB: 6/10/95)
  • Richard Blake WILLIAMS (D.O.B.: 19/07/93)
  • Matthew JONES (D.O.B.: 02/01/89)
  • Lee Eastham JONES (D.O.B.: 06/06/90)
  • Liam ROBERTS (D.O.B.: 03/02/88)
  • William CARLISLE (D.O.B.: 12/06/91)
  • Jordan PEEKS (D.O.B.: 30/06/81)
  • Jay PEEKS (D.O.B.: 07/10/85)
  • Lee BAMBER (D.O.B.: 03/08/73)
  • Eric ROWLANDS (D.O.B.: 15/4/70)
  • Thomas MIDDLETON (D.O.B.: 21/11/95)
  • Andrew ALDRED (D.O.B.: 04/02/88)
  • David CUFFIN (D.O.B.: 09/04/76)
  • James HENDRY (D.O.B.: 31/12/75)
  • Gareth HASTIE (D.O.B.: 27/5/81)
  • Nathan JEAVONS (D.O.B.: 22/9/93)
  • Christopher BENNETT (D.O.B.: 28/1/83)
  • Hayley EVANS (D.O.B.: 02/11/89)
  • Shaun KEARNS (D.O.B.: 14/01/72)
  • Darren MYLES (D.O.B.: 01/07/76)
  • Simon FARRAR (D.O.B.: 21/7/79)
  • Zach LEUTY (D.O.B.: 22/2/89)
  • Ben HAYWOOD (D.O.B.: 29/11/94)
  • Kelly MERCER (D.O.B.: 23/8/89)
  • Bary HAIGH (D.O.B.: 2/10/82) and
  • Philip SCARISBRICK (D.O.B.: 23/2/81) were all sentenced between 11 and 13 December
  • Aled GRAY (D.O.B.: 21/11/83) will be sentenced in January 2019
  • Detective Inspector Lee Boycott is an officer in North Wales Police and was the lead investigator in the operation.

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