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Men sentenced for murdering teenager at Barry Docks in drug feud

|News, Violent crime

A group of men who chased a rival drug dealer through Barry before cornering and killing him have been sentenced at Newport Crown Court today.

The group of seven, which included Brandon Liversidge, who was 16 at the time, chased Harry Baker for about a mile through the town and into the Intermodal terminal at Barry Docks, where the victim was stabbed repeatedly and stripped of his clothing.

Two of the seven, Raymond Thompson, 48, and Nathan Delafontaine, 34, had been part of the group initially but broke off the chase before the others entered the secure compound where the murder took place. Raymond Thompson was the person responsible for pointing out the victim to the group.

Another man, Lewis Evans, 62, acted as a driver, helping the attackers locate Harry Baker and driving them from the scene of the crime.

During the trial, the jury heard there were two knives found in the undergrowth near the compound which were from his kitchen.

Kelly Huggins of the CPS said: “Harry was deliberately targeted and ruthlessly hunted down by these people who carried out a merciless attack.

“Unfortunately, another young person has lost their life needlessly as a result of knife crime.

“The CPS presented strong evidence over several weeks showing the shocking level of violence, along with the comments and movements of the defendants immediately after Harry’s death.

“Our thanks are with Harry’s family for their cooperation during the court process and they have our sympathies for their loss.”


  • Leon Clifford: life imprisonment with a minimum term of 27 years
  • Leon Symons: life imprisonment with a minimum term of 28 years 
  • Peter McCarthy: life imprisonment with a minimum term of 23 years
  • Brandon Liversidge: life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years 
  • Ryan Palmer: 11 years' imprisonment
  • Lewis Evans: four years' imprisonment 
  • Raymond Thompson: six years' imprisonment
  • Nathan Delafontaine: 28 months' imprisonment

Notes to editors

  • Kelly Huggins is a District Crown Prosecutor in CPS Cymru-Wales.
  • Ryan Palmer (DOB: 18/6/1986) was convicted of manslaughter.
  • Peter McCarthy (DOB: 13/3/1983) was convicted of murder.
  • Raymond Thompson (DOB: 27/8/72) was convicted of manslaughter.
  • Leon Clifford (DOB: 18/7/1987) was convicted of murder.
  • Lewis Evans (DOB: 9/8/1958) was convicted of manslaughter.
  • Leon Symons (DOB: 3/4/1998) was convicted of murder.
  • Brandon Liversidge (DOB: 14/4/2003) was convicted of murder.
  • Nathan Delafontaine (DOB: 27/2/1987) pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was not part of the trial.
  • Harry Baker died 28 August 2019, aged 17.

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