Kidnappers jailed after holding man hostage

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Two men who handcuffed another to a radiator for over 24 hours have been jailed for fifteen and five years respectively at Cardiff Crown Court.

Sochi Ezeemo and Peter Shodeinde, both 27, collected the man from Bristol and brought him to a house in Treforest.

Bed where the victim was held, handcuffs and the victim's t-shirt
Bed where the victim was held, handcuffs and the victim's t-shirt

Ezeemo contacted the brother of the victim in Nigeria demanding money they said was owed to them. Police in the UK were contacted by the victim’s brother telling them about the demands.

When police raided the house where they believed the victim was being held prisoner, they found him injured and handcuffed to a radiator.

Shodeinde claimed that he was not part of the kidnapping and false imprisonment but evidence presented by the CPS was able to prove that he was.

Kelly Huggins, of the CPS, said: “The victim suffered appalling treatment whilst being kept prisoner, being beaten, deprived of sleep and enduring acts of humiliation such as shaving off his hair.

“It is difficult to imagine how frightening this horrible experience would have been for the victim.

“Now that the case has concluded, we hope it will help him move forward in his healing process.”

The sentence hearing took place on 27 September 2019 where Ezeemo was sentenced to a total of fifteen years with an extended licence of three years and Shodeinde to a total of five years.

Notes to editors

  • Kelly Huggins is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS Cymru-Wales
  • Sochi Ezeemo (DOB: 25/3/1992) pleaded guilty to kidnapping; blackmail; false imprisonment; causing GBH with intent:
    • Ct 1 - Kidnapping - one year's imprisonment - concurrent
    • Ct 2 - Blackmail - four years' imprisonment - concurrent
    • Ct 3 - False Imprisonment - five years' imprisonment - concurrent
    • Ct 4 - Wounding with intent - 15 years' imprisonment, extended licence period of three years
    • Victim Supplement - £170 on release
  • Peter Shodeinde (DOB: 13/4/1992) was convicted of kidnapping and false imprisonment:
    • Ct 1 - Kidnapping - one year's imprisonment - consecutive
    • Ct 3 - False Imprisonment - four years' imprisonment
    • Victim Supplement - £170 on release

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