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Husband convicted of murdering friend

|News, Violent crime

A father-of-three who murdered a man over his relationship with his wife has been sentenced to life imprisonment at Swansea Crown Court. He must serve a minimum of thirty years.

Andrew Jones, 53, used his wife’s secret phone to lure Michael O’Leary, 55, to a secluded farm to confront him about the relationship.

Jones took a rifle with him to the meeting on 27 January 2020 and claimed there was a struggle between the two men. He claimed the rifle accidentally went off, killing Mr O’Leary.

However the CPS was able to prove this was a lie by showing the four shell casings found at the farm came from one of the firearms recovered from Andrew Jones’ house.

Jones then used Mr O'Leary’s mobile phone to send a text saying “I’m sorry” to Mr O'Leary's wife, purporting to be from him.

Leighton Mawer, of the CPS, said: “The evidence showed that Andrew Jones had carefully planned and set up the meeting at the farm, taking a rifle with him.

“Following the shooting, Jones went to considerable lengths to cover up his crime, including moving Mr O'Leary’s car and starting the pretence that the victim had taken his own life.

“A robust case was built using cell site analysis of the two men’s phones, CCTV and DNA evidence to show that Jones had moved and disposed of the body.

“The circumstances of the case are remarkable, but the most important fact is a tragic one; that a man has lost his life, leaving a family grieving. Our thoughts are with them.”

Notes to editors

  • Leighton Mawer is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS Cymru/Wales
  • Andrew Jones (D.O.B.: 30/5/1967) was convicted of murder following trial
  • Michael O’Leary died on 27 January 2020 aged 55 years.

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