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Gun-toting anti-Muslim jailed for hate crime

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A man who posted violent messages about Muslims alongside photos of himself posing topless with a fake shotgun has been jailed for stirring up racial and religious hatred.

The violent material was posted to 394 Instagram followers on 6 August last year and screenshots were shared on a WhatsApp group later that day. A member of the group became concerned and called the police.

When Jay Davison, 38, was arrested a few days later he admitted posting the messages after an evening out drinking. Davison said he had no racist views and did not intend to incite racial hatred. He said that the photos were taken at a friend’s house with an ornamental gun but he refused to name the friend.

On Monday 23 September he was sentenced to a total of four years in prison.

His comments urged people to ‘stand up’ and contained phrases associated with Nazism and white supremacy with reference to his hatred of Muslims and Islam.

Jay Davison
Jay Davison's posts on Instagram from August 2018

The prosecution told Cardiff Crown Court that although Davison regretted his actions now, at the time his intention was clearly to stir up hatred of Muslims. Being drunk was no excuse.

Davison, from Cardiff, was found guilty of stirring up racial and religious hatred on Wednesday 28 August.

Jenny Hopkins, for the CPS, said: “The material Jay Davison posted was clearly threatening, abusive and insulting. His intention can only have been to stir up religious and racial hatred.

“His defence that he regretted his actions and was drunk was rejected by the jury.

“This is a warning to people that posting material online can have damaging consequences for them offline.”

The case was handled by the Counter Terrorism Division in the CPS which prosecutes all incitement to racial and religious hatred cases in England and Wales.

Notes to editors

  • On 29 August, Jay Davidson (DOB 03/04/1981) was found guilty of one count of publishing material with intent to stir up religious hatred contrary to section 29C Public Order Act 1986 and two counts of publishing material with intent to stir up racial hatred contrary to section 19 Public Order Act 1986.
  • On 23 September he was sentenced to four years on each count with the sentence to run concurrently.
  • He was found not guilty of two further counts of stirring up religious hatred
  • Jenny Hopkins is the Head of the Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division in the CPS.

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