Crown Prosecutors and Senior Crown Prosecutors

Domestic abuser refused bail
Tax Evader finally charged
Attacker nearly walks free
Young woman avoids being a statistic

Can you deliver justice as a Crown Prosecutor?

If you have a law background; if you’re motivated by changing people’s lives, this is for you. Our Crown Prosecutors and Senior Crown Prosecutors enjoy challenging cases, greater advocacy work and more opportunities to grow in a modern, dynamic organisation. Don’t worry, if you’ve never trained in Criminal Law, you won’t be alone. When we meet people whose sense of public duty and societal fairness matches our own, we give them the training to build on law degrees, transition their skills and progress their ambitions.

Being a Crown Prosecutor or Senior Crown Prosecutor isn’t an easy option. We’re talking high caseloads, fast-paced days and not a lot of prep time. But it’s an exhilarating role in a supportive environment. We’re respectful of your home life, offering smarter working and flexible hours to help with personal commitments. And we’ll give you a highly competitive package. Enjoy watching our Crown Prosecutor and Senior Crown Prosecutor films and find our current opportunities right here.

CPS recruitment January 2020

DPP Max Hill QC on the 2020 recruitment drive