Woman guilty of battering her neighbour to death after a dispute over a fence

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A disgruntled woman who battered her neighbour to death with a garden spade following a long-running dispute, has today been found guilty of murder.
Over the five years that Debby Foxwell, 41, lived next door to 64-year-old Louise Lotz, they had a number of heated confrontations about normally trivial issues, including bins and boundaries.
It was not unusual for police to attend these disputes and on 24 August  last year, tensions showed no sign of easing, as Ms Lotz called police to complain that her plants had been disturbed by Foxwell.
Foxwell called police that evening to complain that a fence panel had been damaged by Ms Lotz as she tried to paint it.
It was when Ms Lotz tried to take Foxwell’s phone which she was using to film her neighbour that Foxwell grabbed a spade and broke down the door to Ms Lotz’s house.
The angered neighbour smashed Ms Lotz’s television and laptop then chased her outside into the garden brandishing the spade, which she used to hit her head repeatedly.
Leaving Ms Lotz for dead, Foxwell returned home where she said to her partner “it’s over. I’ve done it.”
Today at St Albans Crown Court , Debby Foxwell has been found guilty of murder.
Nick Ramage of the Crown Prosecution Service said:  “Their long history of disputes and vicious confrontations left no question that the defendant was responsible for killing her neighbour that evening.
“Despite numerous witnesses, a wealth of CCTV evidence and her own admission to her partner, Foxwell continued to deny her role in this violent, anger-fuelled attack, but the jury have seen through her lies and found her guilty.
“To lose his mother over such a trivial dispute has been immensely difficult for Ms Lotz’s son and we hope this guilty verdict gives him some comfort.”

Notes to editors

  • Nick Ramage is a senior crown prosecutor for CPS Thames and Chiltern
  • Debby Foxwell (DOB 19/2/1979) was found guilty of murder at St Albans Crown Court on Thursday 20 February.

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