Viscount convicted after death threat against Brexit campaigner

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A Viscount who offered a reward on Facebook for the 'accidental' death of Gina Miller has been convicted of sending menacing messages.

Rhodri Philipps, 50, who posted under his title of Viscount St Davids, posted a comment on 7 November 2016, describing her as a 'troublesome' first generation 'immigrant boat jumper' and offering a £5,000 bounty on her head.

He was convicted of two counts of sending a menacing public communication, one relating to Gina Miller, who was made aware of the posts, and one about an immigrant on benefits who had featured in a news article.

Kate Mulholland from the CPS said:

"This threat caused extreme concern to Gina Miller and although Lord St Davids claimed his Facebook friends would have been tolerant of his views they were open to the public.

"No-one should have these kind of menacing comments made to them or about them and where there is evidence of an offence the CPS and police will bring a prosecution."

During the trial the CPS successfully asked the court to put in place orders to stop Lord St Davids, who represented himself, personally cross-examining Gina Miller and another witness.

Lord St Davids will be sentenced on 13 July.


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