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UPDATED WITH SENTENCE: Mosque attendee convicted of encouraging terrorism

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UPDATE: Abubaker Deghayes was sentenced today [21 April 2022] to four years' imprisonment, plus one further year which he will spend on licence.

Originally published on 19 January 2022.

A mosque attendee has been convicted of encouraging terrorism in a speech he made at Brighton Mosque. 

After evening prayers on 1 November 2020, Abubaker Deghayes, 53, stood up uninvited at the front of the congregation and gave a speech. There were approximately 50 people present, including children and young adults. 

During the speech Deghayes encouraged people to take part in violent ‘jihad’.

Deghayes was a regular attender and a former trustee of the mosque, but was required to resign in 2018.

The prosecution case was that any bystander who was listening to the speech would understand it as an encouragement of terrorism, and that Abubaker Deghayes was encouraging people to take part in violent ‘jihad’ or was at the very least reckless as to as to the possible effect that his speech might have.

Nick Price, Head of the CPS Counter-Terrorism Unit, said: “Abubaker Degahyes encouraged violence in the name of religion during the speech he made at a mosque in front of young people.

“This was dangerous and could have had profound consequences. The speech was not religious preaching, but Deghayes instead used religion to try and incite violence, and it is right that he has been convicted today.”

Deghayes will be sentenced on 25 February at 2pm.

Notes to editors

  • Abubaker Deghayes [DOB: 02/06/1968] was convicted of encouragement of terrorism contrary to s.1(2) Terrorism Act 2006.

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