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Tito Ibn-Sheikh admits money laundering after being caught with bag full of bank cards, passports and ID cards

|News, Fraud and economic crime

A man has been imprisoned for money laundering offences, one of which was in connection with money stolen from HSBC and its customers.

Tito Ibn-Sheikh, 35, entered guilty pleas at Southwark Crown Court in November and appeared in court today (11 January) to be sentenced to 45 months' imprisonment in total.

When he was arrested by the Metropolitan Police in a Cricklewood cafe on 17 December 2019 he had a bag with a number of bank cards, passports, driving licenses and ID cards from individuals from the UK, France, Bulgaria and Italy. He also had £12,000 in cash along with 12 iPhones, with various financial identities he had stolen.

He also played a role in an investment fraud where a victim was tricked into handing over 224,000 Euros into an account controlled by Ibn-Sheikh.

After the Metropolitan Police froze the account a photograph of the freezing order was found on Ibn-Sheikh’s phone.

A cider manufacturer was defrauded when invoices were altered to transfer £104,301.62 into the same account controlled by Ibn-Sheikh. The money was then moved on to a Chinese account the next day.

Russell Tyner, of the CPS Organised Crime Division, said: “Ibn-Sheikh was perfectly willing to bank and move large amounts of stolen money.

"The number of passports and other ID showed he was more than just a neutral recipient of the cash.

"He was an active and willing participant in the conspiracy and he had the ability and means to create false accounts to launder cash.

“His guilty pleas shows the strength of the case against him.

“These are not victimless crimes and wherever possible the CPS will work with our law enforcement partners to bring money laundering cases before a court and any ill-gotten gains recovered.”

Notes to editors

  • Tito Ibn-Sheikh (formerly known as Hamza Miustafa Kamel) [DOB: 17/10/1986] of Godolphin Road, Fulham, admitted: 
    • Count 1/ conspiracy to disguise, convert or transfer criminal property with another between 28 May 2018 and 18 December 2019, contrary to section 327(1) of the Proceeds of Crime Act - three years and nine months' imprisonment 
    • Count 3/ conspiracy to disguise, convert or transfer criminal property with others between 1 August and 30 September 2019, contrary to section 327(1) of the Proceeds of Crime Act - 16 months' imprisonment
    • Count 4/ possession of articles in connection with fraud, contrary to section 6 of the Fraud Act 2006 - 16 months' imprisonment
    • Count 5/ possession of an identity document with improper intent, contrary to section 4 of the Identity Documents Act 2010  - 16 months' imprisonment
    • Count 6/ possession of criminal property, contrary to section 329(1) and 334 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 - 12 months' imprisonment
  • Left to lie on file:
    • Count 2/ Conspiracy to steal between 28 May 2018 and 18 December 2019 with another from the accounts of HSBC customers 
    • Count 7/ Fraud by false representation between 1 October 2017 and 27 August 2019 made a false representation.

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