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Teenage neo-Nazi jailed over 'how to make guns' guides

|News, Terrorism

An 18-year-old racist has been jailed today for four years (20 September) for having a number of terrorism manuals including one that gave step-by-step instructions on how to make a working automatic pistol.

In February, after Jacek Tchorzewski was stopped by police at Luton Airport, violent documents were found on his mobile phone alongside images of extreme right-wing material and symbols.

An expert confirmed that one publication contained enough information for someone to make illegal firearms including machine pistols which are capable of fully automatic or burst fire. Another gave advice on how to make a silencer using a bottle.

On 21 June he pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to having 10 documents which could be of use to a terrorist. Six of the publications were about building homemade firearms or accessories. The others related to booby-traps and improvised bombs.

While some of the devices could be constructed from materials available from DIY stores others needed more specialised metal working tools.

Other items recovered from his device included a photo of Tchorzewski holding a Nazi flag and doing a Nazi salute.

An audio file titled “Ethnic cleansing” was also found pointing to his interest in far-right ideology.

He also had a collection of writings by a prominent US neo-Nazi who advocates political violence and attacks by individuals acting alone.

Further evidence of his extremist views included posting links on social media to Sonnenkrieg Division, a UK neo-Nazi group which aims to overthrow the current political system.

Tchorzewski’s friend Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, a supporter and promoter of Sonnenkrieg Division, was given an 18 month detention order in June this year for posting messages calling on others to engage in terrorism.

Tchorzewski had been staying with his mother in High Wycombe while visiting the UK.

Jenny Hopkins, Head of the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, said: “It is worrying that someone this young chose to become a neo-Nazi and download terrorist how-to guides.

“Let me be clear, possessing terrorist material is a criminal offence and like Jacek Tchorzewski people who do so risk going to prison.”

Notes to editors

  • On 21 June, Jacek Tchorzewski (DOB 07/11/2000) pleaded guilty to 10 counts of possession of a document or record containing information of use to a terrorist, contrary to section 58 (1) (b) of the Terrorism Act 2000.
  • He was sentenced to four years' custody for one of the offences, and for two years and six months for the other nine offences, to be served concurrently.
  •  Tchorzewski was born in Poland and was staying with his mother in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

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