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Hatton Garden burglar jailed for a further seven years

|News, Proceeds of crime

A burglar who helped to steal millions of pounds worth of jewellery from Hatton Garden in London has been given a further seven years in prison after not paying his confiscation order.

John Collins, 78, was part of a gang of six men who burgled the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Company in April 2015. The group, wearing high-visibility jackets entered the London premises over a Bank Holiday weekend, overcame the alarms and drilled their way into the safety deposit vault in the basement.

They left with around £13.69m of gold, jewellery and precious stones.

The gang were brought to justice in March 2016 and then the CPS took steps to recover the funds stolen.

In 2018, John Collins was ordered to pay £7.6m. This amount was made up of a combined £6.4m with other gang members, with the remainder calculated from his personal property.

Collins was ordered to return to prison for a further seven years to serve his default sentence at Westminster Magistrates Court today, 1 August 2019, after failing to pay the amount.

Adrian Foster, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Proceeds of Crime, said: “John Collins was a key player in the Hatton Garden burglary and benefitted from millions of pounds from his crimes.

“The CPS showed the court that Collins still had assets and funds to pay the order but had chosen not to do so and it followed that his default sentence should be activated.

“Collins will now face this extra time in prison while his confiscation order still stands to be paid.”

Notes to editors

  • Details of the Confiscation Order:
    • John Collins (DOB 05/09/1940), Daniel Jones, Brian Reader and Terry Perkins were given a joint confiscation order of £6,396,273.75 plus extra sums dependent on their personal circumstances. Any money paid by any of the men the joint amount would be treated as a payment towards each co-defendant’s confiscation order
  • Status of the remaining defendants:
    • Daniel Jones’s default sentence was activated on 14 August 2018 where he was sentenced to a further six-and-a-half year’s imprisonment.
    • Terry Perkins died in prison in February 2018 and steps are being taken to recover funds from his estate.

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