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Fraudster jailed for duping over 200 victims in million-pound fake car sales scam

|News, Fraud and economic crime

A fraudster posing as a car salesman has been jailed today (16 July 2021) for defrauding over 200 unsuspecting car buyers out of more than one million pounds.

Ravinder Singh Randhawa, 30, was imprisoned to nine years for 22 offences of fraud and one offence of money laundering at Exeter Crown Court.

Randhawa was the leader of the fake car selling operation, posing as a legitimate salesman to persuade his victims to pay large sums of money for second hand vehicles. He often sold the same vehicle more than once and the victims received nothing as he pocketed their money. Some victims drove for miles to collect their new car only to discover that the garage from which they had purchased the vehicle did not exist.

Those assisting Randhawa to launder his ill-gotten gains, Atif Shariff, 30, and Jason Gilbert, 55, were sentenced to 20 months imprisonment and 27 months respectively for their part in the scam operation.

Rolex watch purchased by Ranhawa using ill-gotten gains from fake car sales scams
Rolex watch purchased by Ranhawa using ill-gotten gains from fake car sales scams

Sarah Melo of the CPS said: “Randhawa is a prolific and serial offender, preying on trusting members of the public simply wishing to buy second hand cars. His crimes were sophisticated. He often used identities obtained from previous victims, hijacked the identity of garages and genuine vehicles for sale, so that his victims did not suspect his scam.

“Hundreds of people have suffered at the hands of Randhawa and lost money which they could ill-afford. His crimes have had a profound impact on so many of their lives. Many described the severe effect on their mental and physical health, their family relationships and overall financial stability. For many of his victims this happened at a time when their lives were badly affected by the pandemic.

“Randhawa showed no remorse for his actions. He would often laugh at his victims and goad them with abusive messages once they discovered they were victims of his fraud. He boasted to one victim who’d threatened to call the police that, he’d ‘been doing it for years and the police wouldn't do anything about it’.

“He was wrong. The CPS and Devonshire and Cornwall Police have worked effectively together to bring this offender speedily to justice.”

The CPS is now working to recover as much of the stolen money as possible from Randhawa and his accomplices in order to strip them of their criminal benefit and return the money to their rightful owners.

The CPS is committed to working with law enforcement partners to bring fraudsters to justice.

If you are a victim of this type of crime, please contact Action Fraud.

Notes to editors

  • Sarah Melo is the Specialist Prosecutor for the CPS Specialist Fraud Division
  • Ravinder Singh Randhawa (DOB: 13/09/1990) was sentenced to nine years at Exeter Crown Court on 16 July 2021   
  • This case was prosecuted by the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS, a dedicated prosecuting team which deals with the most serious, complex, and difficult economic crime cases, including corruption and money-laundering.

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