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Former senior NHS Manager jailed for defrauding the taxpayer

|News, Fraud and economic crime

A former senior NHS manager has been jailed today (30 June 2021) for defrauding hundreds of thousands of pounds from a hospital trust where he was employed.

Barry Stannard, 53, was jailed for two counts of fraud of cheating the Revenue and two counts of fraud by false representation to serve five years and two months and two years concurrently at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Stannard stole £802,987 from his employer Mid Essex Hospital Trust between January 2012 and July 2019. He had set up two companies - BNC Communications Limited and Data Power Services Limited - and sent hundreds of phony invoices to the hospital, which he’d sign off himself.

Roger Makanjuola of CPS said: “Stannard set up two bogus companies with the sole intention of taking money from the NHS – which could have been spent on doctors, nurses and patients’ treatment.

"He abused his position at the Mid Essex Hospital Trust and betrayed the trust to pocket £802,9987 of taxpayers’ money over several years. Thanks to the hard work of the CPS’s Specialist Fraud Division and NHS Counter Fraud Authority, we have stopped Stannard’s atrocious criminality and brought him to justice.”

An investigation was launched by the NHS Counter Fraud Authority and continued jointly with HMRC. This revealed Stannard had submitted a ‘nil return’ declaration of interests form to the Trust, while he was actually the director of two companies that had received a large amount of money from the trust over at least seven years.

Stannard, as former Head of Unified Communications at the Mid Essex Hospital Trust, was trusted with approving invoices of up to £7,500. Hundreds of invoices, submitted by his own companies to the trust, were all individually for relatively modest amounts meaning Stannard was authorised to sign them off without further checks.

The CPS is committed to continue to work alongside law enforcement to bring prosecutions where public sector fraudsters are brought to justice.

This case was prosecuted by the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS, a dedicated prosecuting team which deals with the most serious, complex, and difficult economic crime cases, including corruption and money-laundering.

Notes to editors

  • Roger Makanjuola is the Specialist Prosecutor and Unit Head for the CPS Specialist Fraud Division
  • Barry Stannard (DOB: 19/04/1968) was sentenced to five years and four months plus two years' imprisonment to run concurrently at Chelmsford Crown Court on 30 June 2021
  • The Specialist Fraud Division is a dedicated CPS team playing a leading role in the fight against serious and complex economic crime and the financial exploitation of the public, using specialist legal expertise to deliver justice
  • The CPS Economic Crime Strategy 2025 is available on our website.

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