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Co-founder of right-wing terror group convicted

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Update 7 June 2022: The co-founder of National Action, Alex Davies, has been sentenced to 8 years and 6 months imprisonment.

The co-founder of National Action, a small and secretive right-wing group which espoused hateful violent rhetoric, has been convicted of being a member of a proscribed organisation.

Alex Davies, 28, was found guilty today by a jury at Winchester Crown Court.

National Action was jointly founded by Davies in 2013 but joined the list of extremist groups proscribed by the government in December 2016 after it drew greater attention to itself by openly celebrating the murder of Jo Cox MP.

Nick Price, Head of the CPS Counter Terrorism Division, said: “It is clear that Davies secretly set up a new right-wing terror group after the ban on National Action and had a leading role in recruiting people to join the group.

“My team has worked hard to prove that he was a willing and important member of the National Action and worked to avoid the ban and keep the racist and hateful views of National Action alive. This included travelling thousands of miles to meet new members. I am glad that he has been convicted today for his crimes.”  

Notes to editors

  • Alex Davies has been found guilty of being a member of a proscribed terrorist group between 17 December 2016 and 27 September 2017 contrary to section 11 of the Terrorism Act 2000
  • The CPS Counter Terrorism Division is responsible for prosecuting all terrorism crimes and terrorist related offences in England and Wales. Terrorism offences are distinct from other types of crime in that individuals who commit them have political, religious racial and/or ideological motivations. The team works alongside specialist Counter Terrorism police.

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